Supply Chain Digitisation and Transformation for Predictive Outcomes

Real Time Visibility from Manufacturer to Purchaser

Transport and Logistics IoT

Leveraging IoT Mobile devices, barcode scanning and RFID Technology combined with our Data Analytic platforms, allows for an end-to-end business intelligence solution within the supply chain process.

Our solutions collate, aggregate and provide actionable information in order to drive improved business efficiencies within operations whilst providing real time data and visibility to reduce on road and in premises theft.

Smart Containerisation

Utilizing RFID technology combined with Data Analytics, be able to maximize cargo and open air spaces within long haul containers to ensure maximum load coverage, reducing on road vehicle cost.

Manufacturing IoT Icon

Artificial Intelligence for Smart Picking

With robotics being the core of this solution, allow automated machines to pick inventory for low value tasks so that your employees can be re-deployed to high value task that provide true value to your business and operation.





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