Smart Factories empowered by Data for improved efficiencies

Data Collection within manufacturing, enabling artificial intelligence and predictive Analytics

Manufacturing IoT

Manufacturing currently spearheads advances using IoT. Smart factories is a reality whereby every process is optimised, through the use of sensors, devices and robots. Data analytics empower businesses with consistent and predictable outcomes whilst utilizing equipment and human resources in parallel

Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing IoT-driven gadgets that have different sensor points (temperatures, vibration, voltages, currents, etc.) to other devices, IFTTT, cloud/API or legacy systems manufacturers can obtain essential maintenance data. This information allows to have visibility into current condition of machinery, determine warning signs, transmit alerts and activate corresponding repair processes.

This way IoT transforms maintenance into a fast-paced and automated practice, which foresees a failure long time in advance. Moreover, it fosters costs savings over traditional preventive measures as the actions are taken exactly when they are necessary and needed.

Asset Tracking

More Manufacturers are starting to show signs of concentration in regard to asset tracking. IoT technology combined with the development of native web applications makes it possible to obtain real-time asset information and make reasonable decisions.

Utilizing technology, manufacturers are able to track, discover and oversee crucial assets of the supply chain process such as raw materials, containers, and finished goods. Such applications can drastically optimize logistics, maintain stocks of work in progress, and disclose thefts and violations.





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