Efficient Yard and Terminal Operations with Zebra’s Solutions

Efficient Yard and Terminal Operations

As challenges with inbound and outbound logistics operations continue to broaden across geographies and industries, it is important for yard operators to improve efficiencies while maintaining continuous movement of material and goods to and from distribution centers, manufacturing plants and transportation terminals..

A Yard Management System has two main roles which are visibility and communication



Today’s best systems offer visibility into basic information including the location, status, and contents of assets on the yard. They are also able to offer more detailed information including historical data, load detail down to the SKU, and accountability of who is performing tasks and when.


Communication plays a huge role in providing updates and access to key information for all necessary parties. These include the gate staff, yard drivers, dock personnel, warehouse managers, carriers and customers. A yard management solution allows groups to access the same up-to-date information in one place.

Effective Yard Opperations

Zebra’s solutions for yard management will improve your ability to synchronize yard operations, loading docks and gate check-in with actionable and optional real-time intelligence.

Continuous Flow

With Zebra, yard operations can forecast with precision to ensure a continuous flow of material, parcels and goods to distribution centers or manufacturing plants, keeping costs down.

With Zebra solutions, your customers can

Improve efficiency in yard management with a Zebra integrated solution including Real Time Location Systems (RTLS), passive RFID, desktop and mobile printers, mobile computers and automation technologies equipped with yard management applications.


Better utilize space through effective planning and tracking of movements

Cut costs with less switcher deadhead time and more trailer moves

Improve asset utilization so that Yard or Terminal operations can do more with fewer vehicles

Cut idling and wasteful driving patterns

Reduce errors, saving fuel and materials


Increase yard throughput with accurate, real-time data to keep goods moving

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