Innovative Features of Zebra SmartCount™

Ensuring real time visibility in-store for a improved customer experience

Zebra Smart Count

The SmartCount Solutions assist retailers achieve greater accuracy on inventory counts while reducing cost and increasing efficiencies

Scheduling Flexibility

 full user discretion in timing and procedural decisions

Increased Inventory Accuracy

Zebra SmartCount™ offers several benefits over third-party inventory counting services

Scheduling Flexibility

Full user discretion in timing and procedural decisions

Greater Control

Configurable to existing auditing, accounting and operational needs

An Out of the Box solution or Solution as a Service (Saas) solution on Zebra devices which increases efficiencies within an operation in relation to inventory cycle counts. With detailed analytics capability which is hosted within a cloud environment the solution is able to produce reports such as inventory status, audit completion, scanning productivity and variances

Corporate reporting portal offers enhanced analytic tools

Store associates can scan merchandise, and every transaction is securely transmitted to Zebra’s host servers, where the data is immediately processed and available for real-time, web-based reporting by store, region and corporate-level users. Corporate staff and retail supervisors can quickly assess inventory variances, on-hand availability as well as shrink and audit details by region, district, store or item

Intuitively designed store inventory dashboard

Zebra SmartCount provides best in class Zebra mobile scanning devices pre-loaded with Zebra’s inventory management software and a store’s inventory files. SmartCount Analytics then offers real-time insight into scanning productivity, variances to on-hands, audit accuracy, percentage of completion and many other key inventory metrics, all quickly available via Zebra SmartCount’s intuitive dashboards.

Expanded auditing capabilities

Easy-to-apply filters and graphically represented metrics provide clear oversight into every store’s inventory preparation and readiness with interactive messaging. All of this adds up to cost savings—and more efficient customer service.

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